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Hi! My name is Meera. I am the owner of The Lipology Company. I love making lip scrubs! This is my story:

I always had chapped lips since I was little, they always peeled and hurt. While  I was quarantined during COVID-19, I looked up recipes on homemade lip scrubs. I tried a few different ones and came up with the right recipe that left my lips feeling really healthy and soft. 


I decided I wanted to help other people have super soft lips too, so I made the decision to start a lip scrub business! I'm also really into astrology and began researching what different flavors and color palettes appeal to different types of people based on their astrological sign. It was really interesting what I learned! That's how Lipology was born! I invented 12 different delicious flavors for the 12 different astrological signs. 

I hope you enjoy my lip scrubs! Don’t worry, if you like another lip scrub flavor, most likely, you love someone else who is that sign and that’s why you’re drawn to another flavor!



My purpose is to rid the world of dry and cracked lips, using ingredients that are healthy and nourishing for your lips- but that also taste great. I wouldn't call my lip scrubs dessert, but if you accidently eat a little- it's okay :)


I've always been interested in astrology. As I was figuring out what to flavor my lip scrubs, I started asking people what kind of flavors they would like. It was interesting what kinds of requests I was getting and I realized that there were some direct correlations to what they liked and what their zodiac sign was. So, instead of just choosing random flavors, I decided to be intentional and create flavors that made sense based on astrology.

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